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Mastah Concentrate Series

The Mastah Concentrate Series is a fun-spirited competition aimed at pitting extract artists and purveyors together in a friendly match. They started with the idea of bringing together seasoned dabbers and cannabis enthusiasts who have not had the experience dabbing together. The first few events we ran as Errlectric sessions, bringing samples provided by a single sponsor. After the first few we felt it was important to offer a larger sampling of strains, flavours, and types of extracts, and the idea of the MCSThrowdown was established.

The Throwdown is about having a good time, meeting new people, and trying some new strains or types of cannabis extracts from some of the best extract artists on the market. Each of the participants receive a stack of chips as voting tokens, they place tokens in a competitors jar as they see fit throughout the three hour session: judging may be based on taste, smoothness, or high. Some judges choose to give a token per dab, while others hold on to their chips and give them all to one competitor late in the evening, with others dropping multiples as they gain enjoyment from different experiences. We encourage the competitors to have a good time, and try and win votes however they can. At the end of the 3 hours, chips are counted and a trophy is awarded to the winner.

One of the greatest things about hosting the Throwdown Series is seeing the enjoyment and amazement on the faces of some cannabis enthusiasts who are new to dabbing when they arrive. We always make sure our competitors are giving appropriate sized dabs in order to make sure all judges have a good time. Our goal is to never ‘green’ anyone out, especially new dabbers; however, we call it a successful event after we call the ‘1hour left’ mark and very few people jump up for their next dab. The atmosphere in the room is usually very relaxed and happy. Our competitors are under strict instructions not to over dab anyone but our experienced dabbers are encouraged to get their fill by tasting all they can. While we temper the newbie dabbers the experienced dabbers are under guidelines that ‘greening yourself out will equal public shaming’, and we leave it to them to ensure they do not consume more they can handle.

Throwdowns are held often and our Facebook page is always kept up-to-date with upcoming events. After every dozen or so Throwdowns we will be holding a ‘Championship Round’ where we invite only past trophy holders and past judges. Locations can be found out by word of mouth only!

Look for us to pop-up at a lounge near you!