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Molly Johnson Interview

Molly Johnson is one of the greats in Canada’s music history as well as a renowned philanthropist. She began her career in the arts as a theatre child with Ed Mirvish then went on to study at the National Ballet School.

Her experience in performing arts later transformed to the writing of songs:
“I like making things. When I realized I could make songs, write songs, that’s what kind of propelled me to music.” Molly has since gone on to win a Juno for Best Vocal Jazz Album, be awarded the Queen’s Jubilee medal, become an Officer of the Order of Canada, host CBC Radio 2’s Weekend Morning show, and organize the Kensington Jazz Festival.

She defies the stereotypes many people bear about cannabis consumers and instead demonstrates a more accurate representation of what many cannabis consumers look like: well rounded and successful individuals. Cannabis is not something Molly uses to create her music but rather to go through her everyday life more comfortably:

“In the early days in the music business it was so rough and mean and hard that I would smoke pot to just sort of relax myself around the evilness of the music business but over time I learnt how to deal with them… do I use it for writing?
Not really. I like to smoke a joint in the morning and I do my stretches.It really helps my back… I just find that a little bit of stretching and a couple of puffs in the morning really straighten my back out and I’ve been smoking weed for so long now that I don’t get stoned… I am very excited to see that some of the stigma is finally being lifted and that we can actually look at the science of marijuana.”

Finally, she has to “break the myth” that all musicians smoke pot − they don’t − but she also emphasizes that “most of the people [she] knows that have tanked in the music business have certainly not tanked because of marijuana. They have tanked because of heroin, they have tanked because of cocaine, and they have tanked because of alcohol”

(Photo credit: mollyjohnson.com/Chris Nicholls)