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The Haute Couture of Tweed

While many new cannabis companies entering the adult market try to corner the elusive “high end”, trendy, chic market Tweed managed a unique marketing feat with their sponsorship of a Toronto Men’s Fashion Week runway show.

The Tweed booth was set up like something curated by Hugh Hefner: leather wing-back chairs and stylish botanical drawings framed above carved wood shelves full of Tweed packaging (no bud allowed yet). The audience was a hobnob mix of the “nouveau” canna society, journalists, bloggers, investors, and some seasoned industry folk.

The Tweed booth at their ‘Tweed: Fabric of Creativity’ fashion show at Toronto Men Fashion Week at 1 Yonge Street on Friday, March 9, 2018.

The show opened with a cinematic comparison between fashion & weed where the strength, colour, scent, and of course look of your buds are cared for by Tweed as if it was haute couture with strains and varieties as vast as the style and colours of your clothes. A beautiful, stylish, and colourful lineup of men adorned in Tweed fabrics trotted the runway to fresh beats concluded by a diverse crew in Tweed lab coats.

Tweed’s message of high style, quality, and modernism was sent loud and clear. The VP of marketing, Amy Wasserman, scores points for supporting designers & artists from across Canada while navigating the complicated world of legal pot advertising. A tip of the hat to you.