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The Rolling Paper Hustle

If you plan on becoming a rolling paper salesperson be prepared to hustle.

One cannot publicly advertise their rolling paper products in Canada as they
are deemed tobacco products and consequently fall under strict Health Canada regulations. So how does one do it? Enter Mark Broderick aka #RollingPaperHustler. He transitioned from selling glass and vaporizers to selling papers.

Mark finds both pros and cons to the lifestyle this necessitates:

I LOVE travelling!!!!

I love engaging with my clients and the best way to do that is face to face and it requires lots of travelling on my part.

It’s hard to be away from home being a single father but with today’s technology it does make things easier.

I’m also prime caregiver for my mom, but we have made it work.

I’m a people person so within our industry, the business turns into solid friendships where I consider some of the people I do business with family.”

Mark is the Director of Sales for Pure Hemp and Smoking Brand rolling papers, all of which are made from rice, hemp, or flax with all-natural glue. He is deeply rooted in the cannabis industry and has a passion for educating people on types of rolling paper, SMK 1¼” papers are his personal favourite.

Mark is excited to see how Canada moves forward with cannabis legalization and looks forward to continue providing head shops across the country with top quality rolling papers.