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Thermodynamix Entropy e-nails

The technology for consuming cannabis is constantly evolving. There has been a recent rise in popularity of cannabis extracts such as shatter, rosin, and distillate; consequently, products for efficiently consuming these extracts have come into being. They have evolved from using a stove and hot knives, to using a butane torch and nail, to simply using an e-nail.

An e-nail is a titanium or quartz nails wrapped in a temperature controlled electric coil. This means your nail is always at the perfect temperature.

At Hotbox HQ we are happy to have a room dedicated to dabs. If you don’t have a rig at home or even if you just want to dab somewhere you can socialize we provide oil rigs set up with Thermodynamix Entropy e-nails so they are always hot and ready to be used by our guests — free of charge.

Thermodynamix does not require the hassle of using a butane torch and provides accurate temperature control leading to a less frustrating and more enjoyable experience at Hotbox or at home (available in store $350).

(Friendly reminder that Hotbox is a “bring your own” establishment and does not provide any cannabis or cannabis extracts.)