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What Happened to Liberals for Legalization?

In January, 2013, the Liberal party of Canada drafted its “Legalization of Marijuana” draft legislation.
In this uncirculated document they worked towards answering questions & developing a framework for the future Cannabis Industry.

The document is actually a well written, well thought out policy which is inclusive of all Cannabiz, not just the Licensed Producers and provinces.

Some of the Highlights include job creation in the fields of agriculture, technology and energy supply , transportation, distribution, packaging and manufacturing inspectors, engineers, quality controllers, licensing officers and health researchers legal, insurance, financial and accounting services marketing, communication, tourism and public education alternative products – non-smokable, cosmetic products, building materials, fabrics and most important of all: Specialty Retail stores.

“For those who chose not to grow their own for personal use, we recommend legal marijuana be sold to the public through specialty private stores and/or anywhere regulated liquor sales take place. Limiting point of purchase to these locations will help ensure minors cannot come in contact with the product.”

“However, strategic elements of a legal framework can help prevent a marijuana black market from re-emerging:

  • ensure the legal price is lower than the current price and quality is equal – or better
  • ensure packaging reflects consumer demand and product is accessible for adults
  • establish zero-tolerance on import/export increase criminal penalties for export,
  • unregulated suppliers and trafficking to minors
  • reallocate some police and law enforcement resources to border patrol
  • allow opportunities for Canadians to continue to grow limited amounts of marijuana for personal use

Since then the wording and direction of Lobby groups has completely changed the tone in the media as to the direction the federal government will be taking.

Some of the crazy ideas have been:

  • Limiting the sale of Cannabis to LCBO & provincial government run shops
  • Only allowing current Licenced Producers to cultivate
  • Only limit sale & distribution to Mail order by LP’s

What is wrong with these ideas? The Cannabis industry has operated for decades as “Illegal”. Throughout the years we have seen the invent of Vapour lounges, dispensaries & compassion clubs, head shops, mail order businesses as well as large seed businesses and home growing equipment.

In reality the Cannabiz has self-regulated and operated under a broken law for so long, those closing it down with threats of fines and jail time, will only do one thing. Keep Cannabis as a black market business. If our government believes that farmers will stop farming, and consumers will stop buying because of strict penalties. They may as well scrap “legalization”. Over- regulating legalization will only lead to one outcome, failed policy.